Privacy Policy

Data Protection Regulations

From 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, this governs how we as a charity store and use your data.

What Personal Data Do We Hold?

We may hold some of the following data about our sponsors, donors and supporters – name, address, postcode, e-mail address, donation amount, sponsor amount, dates of donations, whether eligible for Gift Aid etc.

How we use your Data?

As a charity we WILL NOT SEND YOU UNSOLICITED EMAILS unless you have specifically requested to receive them, for e.g. via our sponsorship scheme. We will require sponsors to confirm they still wish to receive communication from us about sponsored rabbits, we will contact sponsors directly by email.

Who Manages/ Has Access to your Personal Data?

We are very careful to ensure that only one person has responsibility for all your personal information, this is the Data Controller who is also a SNORS Trustee.

How is your Data Secured?

SNORS holds copies of your personal data on a secure password protected PC – we use top of the range virus software to ensure your data is protected when we use the internet. We backup the SNORS PC to an external hard drive kept in a locked drawer.

We hold gift aid records on the SNORS PC electronically and in a paper filing system and backed up to an external hard drive – both secured in a locked drawer. We also hold copies of important emails containing information about sponsorship/ gift aid in our email system which is password protected.

We now have a GDPR Register which can be requested. This details key information on what information we hold, how we use it, how we back up and secure it.

Data Sharing – Who has copies of your data?

We DO NOT provide copies of your data to any other organisation other than HMRC for the purposes of our Gift Aid Claim.